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Santifica ; Brittany's Graphics Journal
Welcome to Santifica, a graphics journal by Brittany (x_tutorgirl_x). This journal is set to Friends Only, because I really don't want to be public and this way it'll be easier to track down people that don't credit or claim my graphics as their own. So, just add me and I'll add you right back :D Please make sure to read the following rules before adding this journal.
Santifica ; Rules
· Absolutely no hotlinking!
· Do not alter, steal, or claim any of my work as your own.
· This journal is Friends Only, no exceptions.
· Do not send my graphics to anyone that is not on my friends list.
· Please credit Santifica if you use any of my graphics.
· You can use my art on other sites as long as you credit me wherever you use them.
· Comments are lovely and greatly appreciatied!
· Textless graphics are not bases unless I say otherwise.
· Read my FAQ before taking anything!
Santifica ; Links
Rules ; FAQ ; Affliates
Santifica ; Credit
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Journal layout thanks to elliptica @ wakeimagination
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